Can I Wear Glasses After Rhinoplasty?

Can I Wear Glasses After Rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgeries are rising due to the increased accessibility and affordability of procedures. Rhinoplasty is one of the popular plastic surgery in Mexico, with many people considering it to improve the shape and appearance of their nose.

If you are considering rhinoplasty surgery, you may be wondering if you will still be able to wear glasses after the procedure is completed. The answer to the question depends on a few factors, including the type of glasses you wear and the specific surgical techniques used during your surgery. This page will discuss the options available for those who want to continue wearing glasses after their rhinoplasty surgery.

What Is Rhinoplasty and Why Should You Avoid  Wearing Glasses?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the nose. It can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change its shape and improve its overall appearance. The goal is to create a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing result that will enhance your face’s overall aesthetics. While rhinoplasty can significantly and positively affect your appearance, it is essential to remember that risks are involved.

One of these risks includes wearing glasses after rhinoplasty. Some reasons to avoid wearing glasses after rhinoplasty include the following:

• Pressure on the Nose Bridge – Wearing glasses will put pressure on the nasal bones, which can cause pain and disrupt any progress made during surgery. This may also lead to possible deformation of the nose if pressure is applied over a long period.

• Reshaping Issues – After rhinoplasty, the nose needs to heal for the reshaped shape to be permanent. Wearing glasses can hinder this process as it will pressure the nose and make it difficult for the desired shape to form naturally.

• Increased Swelling – The frequent wearing of glasses can cause increased swelling in the nose area, which increases discomfort and may lead to further complications.

• Damaged Results – The shape of your nose after surgery is fragile until it has healed completely. Wearing glasses can damage the results you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Tips To Keep Glasses Off and Improve Results After Rhinoplasty

1. Choose Post-surgical Glasses: These glasses are designed to have a very light and comfortable fit, which is ideal for post-rhinoplasty patients. They also help reduce the pressure placed on the nose while wearing glasses.

2. Get Optic – Bridge Clamps:  Optic-bridge clamps can secure the glasses around your nose and reduce the pressure on it. These are made of soft, flexible material and come in various sizes so you can ensure the perfect fit.

3. Use Air – Flow Technology: Air-flow technology helps keep the glasses from slipping off your nose. This is an excellent option for those experiencing swelling after their rhinoplasty procedure.

4. Tape Glasses To the Forehead: If you have severe swelling, taping the glasses to your forehead is an option. This will allow for minimal movement and reduce the pressure on the nose.

5. Use Lenses with a Soft Fit: Lenses with a soft fit help reduce the pressure around your nose. These are perfect for those still healing after rhinoplasty and do not want to risk further irritation.

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