Breast Lift

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A Breast Lift (also known as Mastopexy) is a mammoplasty procedure that surgically relocates the breasts to a higher location on the chest wall, removes excess loose skin, and thus tightens and reshapes the breast to make it firm and youthful looking.

Why Do Patients Opt For Mastopexy?

Some of the physical changes that led to breasts sagging are:

A Breast Lift helps the breasts in retaining their shape and firmness. It gives the women a more youthful look and restores their self-confidence as well.

Who is the ideal candidate for Breast Lift?

If you fit into the below-listed criteria, then you are definitely an ideal candidate for a Breast Lift surgery:

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How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

The surgery will be performed at the surgeon’s facility or at an outpatient centre.

Before the surgery

  • The surgeon will mark the position of the nipples where it will be changed.
  • The anesthesiologist will then administer local or general anaesthesia.
  • With various techniques available to remove the breast tissues and reshape it, the surgeon will determine the technique based on the positioning of the nipple and the size of your breasts.
  • The surgeon will make incisions on the areas surrounding the nipples and near the breast crease.
  • He will remove the excess tissues and lift the nipples up to a higher position.
  • The surgeon will then stitch the incisions or bring it together with surgical adhesives and bandage the breasts.

This generally takes about two to three hours after which you will be kept under observation for some time. After checking the results of your surgery, you will be discharged.

Taking Care After The Breast Lift Procedure

After the surgery, you will be covered with bandages and will be instructed to wear a surgical bra.

The First Two Weeks

You may have some swelling, redness or feeling of soreness in the first two weeks after the surgery. If it is painful, the surgeon may provide some painkillers. You may have some drain tubes placed in your breasts which need to be attended regularly. The drain tubes will generally be removed in a few days.

Avoid bending down, straining, jumping or participating in any kind of physical activity that may put pressure on your breasts. Sleep on your back and not on the sides to avoid straining the breasts.

After two weeks, the surgeon will generally remove the stitches. The results of your procedure will be vaguely visible in this stage and the surgeon may perform some minor modifications to perfect the results.

After Two Weeks

Your breasts may look red or pink for more than a month after the surgery. You may also feel numbness in your breasts for six weeks from the surgery, which is completely normal. In case if you feel acute pain even after taking the prescribed medications, it is better to consult the surgeon.

The surgeon will advise you to wear the supporting bra for at least four weeks. You can resume going to work after six to eight weeks on the advice of the surgeon.

Even after resuming some of your natural activities, it is best to stay out of the sun and engaging in any rigorous activities for a few months after the surgery.

The shape of your breasts will be visible after two months although it may take more than that to see the exact shape.


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If you fit into the below-listed criteria, then you are definitely an ideal candidate for a Breast Lift surgery: