Intragastric Balloon Surgery

What Is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Gastric balloon is a generic term for a variety of different brands of non-surgical weight loss interventions, such as the Orbera Gastric Balloon system, that use one or more intragastric balloons in order to make it harder for patients to consume large amounts of food. The gastric balloon is a different type of bariatric procedure. First of all, it doesn’t require any incisions and is an outpatient procedure in the majority of cases. Second, it’s temporary, meaning the balloons are removed after a certain period of time (usually six months). Third, it’s reversible, so if you’re having issues with the treatment, you can simply have the balloon removed at any time.

Gastric balloon procedures are done under the guidance of a surgeon but do not require incisions. The balloon is inserted through the mouth and is attached to a catheter tube. The surgeon then fills the balloon through the catheter with either a saline solution or air. Once the balloon is filled, it is sealed and the tube is removed. Some gastric balloon systems use multiple balloons, whereas others use just one.

Gastric Balloon Can Help You Control Obesity and Achieve Your Ideal Body

Obesity isn’t an enjoyable condition to have. If you are at or nearing the point of being obese and diet and exercise aren’t cutting it, you might be ready for a little extra boost. This is where the weight loss balloon in Mexico comes in.

Designed to take up space in the stomach, the gastric balloon helps you eat less by reducing your stomach’s capacity. And it does this without actual surgery. The balloon is placed into the stomach through the mouth and inflated. Over the course of six months, you eat less, reset your appetite, and reduce your body weight. Then, the balloon is removed and you can continue to hone your healthier habits.

Reasons to Choose Gastric Balloon Placement


Since it is not a surgical procedure, the gastric balloon is incredibly safe. It is rare for complications to occur, and when they do, they are easily remedied.


We offer concierge service to all of our patients. This means you are taken care of from the moment your cross the border until you return home. We handle everything from hotel accommodations to transportation.


The gastric balloon is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss efforts. It gives you assistance in retraining your stomach and altering the way you eat.


Uses For Intragastric Balloon Include:

A study was conducted in Brazil where 323 patients with an average BMI of 43kg/m2 had balloons inserted between November 2000 and February 2004. Study participants lost on average 48% of their excess weight. Overall this study showed a high degree of efficacy of the balloon, with no incidences of death (there were none) or major side effects. Patients can expect weight loss of between 25% and 44% of their excess weight (current weight minus goal “healthy” weight).

Who Shouldn’t Get The Intragastric Balloon?

We do not recommend intragastric balloon procedures for patients who:


Benefits of Gastric Balloon Surgery

Obesity impacts every aspect of your life, from how tired you feel to how confident you are in yourself. Reducing your BMI isn’t a magical fix for everything wrong in your life. But it does help position you to do better in pretty much every arena. Here are just some of the benefits the gastric balloon can offer you:


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Frequently Asked Question

Studies have shown that patients will lose an average of 20 to 50 pounds of excess weight thanks to the gastric balloon. This makes the gastric balloon an excellent choice for those looking for a reversible or temporary weight loss intervention. We generally don’t recommend patients get a gastric balloon if they’re looking to maximize weight loss. Instead, we recommend patients choose gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery.