Gastric Bypass Surgery

What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass, also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is a kind of weight loss surgery that divides the stomach into an upper and lower pouch. The upper pouch connects to the small intestine, so when food is consumed, it passes through this smaller pouch, bypassing most of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine, and moves straight into the small intestine. This changes the way the body absorbs nutrients and causes the patient to consume less.

This procedure is sometimes referred to as “Roux-en-Y” because of Dr. César Roux, the surgeon who created the technique, and how the alignment of the stomach and intestines resemble a Y after this weight loss surgery.

Gastric Bypass Helps You Control Your Weight and Achieve Your Ideal Body

No one chooses to be obese. Ask anyone with a high BMI and they will tell you about their struggles with dieting and exercising and never seeing the results they need. For millions of people, the issue isn’t that they lack the willpower. It’s that they need a little extra help.

Gastric bypass in Mexico offers an affordable method of getting that extra boost. By reducing your stomach capacity and altering the way the body processes food, you can drop pounds faster and easier than ever before. You do your part by eating well and exercising regularly and the surgery amplifies those efforts.

Reasons to Choose Gastric Bypass Surgery


Gastric bypass surgeries performed in our surgical center are incredibly safe. We maintain the highest standards for our facilities and equipment, which support the immense talent of our doctors and staff.


When you choose to get gastric bypass surgery in Mexico with ALO Bariatrics, you get more than just the assistance you need in achieving your goals. Our patients benefit from concierge service every step of the way. From the moment you enter Mexico, we are here to take care of you.


Mexican gastric bypass is highly effective, with most patients losing more than half their excess body fat in the first 12 months after their procedure. It is also known as one of the best surgeries for maintaining weight loss long term.


Types of Gastric Bypass Surgery

There are 3 types of gastric bypass surgery. Each procedure is performed in nearly the same manner with small variations.

Gastric bypass Roux-en-Y (proximal)

Gastric bypass Roux-en-Y (proximal) is the most common procedure used today. The Y-intersection is formed near the upper (proximal) end of the small intestine. The Roux limb is constructed using about 31 to 59 inches of the small intestine. This preserves the rest of the small intestine for “absorbing nutrients”.

Gastric bypass Roux-en-Y (distal)

Gastric bypass Roux-en-Y (distal) is where the Y-connection is formed much closer to the lower (distal) end of the small intestine. Because of the closer distance, its causes reduced absorption of calories: primarily of fats and starches, but also of various minerals and the fat-soluble vitamins.

Mini-gastric bypass surgery

Mini-gastric bypass surgery creates a long narrow tube of the stomach along its right border. A loop of the small gut is brought up and hooked to this tube at about 180 cms from the start of the intestine.


Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity isn’t just a mental struggle; it is a genuine disease, and you deserve all the help and support that you would get with any other physical ailment. When your BMI is too high, it reduces your life expectancy, causes or compounds health issues, and lowers your quality of life. Being thinner won’t fix every issue in life, but when you are healthy and happy, you are in a great starting position to tackle whatever might come your way. Here are just some of the benefits gastric bypass in Tijuana might be able to offer you.


Succesful Surgery


Frequently Asked Question

The average cost of getting a gastric bypass will vary depending on where you get the procedure, who is doing the procedure, and other factors. The average cost of getting a gastric bypass done in the USA is around $23,000. Getting gastric bypass in Mexico will reduce the costs greatly.