Revisional Bariatric Surgery

What is a Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is usually the solution for patients to achieve long-term weight loss. Most patients achieve their weight loss goals and enjoy their improved health. Some patients, however, may consider Revisional Surgery if they haven’t yet reached their goals. There can be a variety of reasons why someone may consider a revision. They include inadequate weight loss, weight re-gain, unresolved health problems, or medical or surgical complications. Some patients underwent procedures that are not even performed currently and are known to be associated with weight re-gain, such as the Vertical-Banded Gastroplasty (stomach-stapling).

Our first goal in evaluating patients for Revisional Surgery is to try and see if the original bariatric surgery procedure can work. We try and refocus the patient on proper diet and exercise habits and provide education that they may be lacking if they had surgery elsewhere. For some patients, this is all that is needed. But some patients have issues that will require a revision. Our bariatric surgeons are here to help. We will meet with you and discuss all the options available.

Revision Surgery Guarantees That You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Revision surgery corrects the negative effects, complications, or poor results caused by an earlier bariatric surgery procedure. Patients choose revision surgery if their previous surgery caused unexpected problems or if the previous surgery did not get them the results they wanted.

Patient Journey

A patient arrives to us having previously had bariatric surgery. They will need to undergo the same post-op diet after their revision surgery. Revision surgeries have similar recovery times. However, the surgeon will provide the patient with the necessary information.

Why Do We Offer Bariatric Revision Surgery?

Bariatric surgeries do not offer the same results for all patients. Due to a multitude of factors, the patient may come away from bariatric surgery with a feeling of dissatisfaction or a belief that they didn’t get the results they were supposed to. Some patients have digestive issues after bariatric surgery and want to get those corrected, as well. The most common reason patients come to us for revision surgery is because they lost a lot of weight after the procedure but gained it all back not long after their first plateau. This is not something to be ashamed of, as sometimes weight loss can be attributed to the restrictive diet and not the gastrointestinal changes.


Is Revision Surgery Right For Me?

If you’ve had a bariatric procedure done in the past but are not satisfied with the weight loss results, revision surgery can be an excellent option to help get you back on track. You don’t need to feel ashamed for resorting to revision surgery: not all surgical procedures are equally effective for everyone. Not only that, but everyone’s body is different, and some people’s bodies are much more receptive to the gastrointestinal changes than others.

Some patients may choose to get revision surgery due to complications that arose from the previous surgery. Patients who have dealt with the following issues may benefit from revision surgery:

Gastric Sleeve

Adjustable Gastric Band

Gastric Bypass

If you have experienced weight regain after a bariatric procedure (including reversible procedures like the gastric balloon or gastric band), give us a call!


Benefits of Revisional Bariatric Surgery


Succesful Surgery


Frequently Asked Question

Bariatric revision surgery cost depends greatly on the patient and the surgeon. Depending on the procedure you need, you may see a higher cost. For example, turning a mini gastric bypass into a gastric sleeve procedure is a lot more technical than removing a gastric band and then doing a gastric sleeve. Give us a call at 844-461-2831 for a consultation!