Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery

What Is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (MGB) is a effective, relatively low-risk, and inexpensive procedure. The mini gastric bypass was originally developed by Dr. Robert Rutledge in 1997 to reduce operating time, simplify the procedure and reduce complications.

The mini gastric bypass combines both “restrictive” and “malabsorptive” components to promote rapid weight loss.

This means that the procedure reduces the size of your stomach and restricts the amount of food you can eat. Mini gastric bypass surgery also alters gut hormones and reduces absorption of food by bypassing up to 6 feet of intestines.

Mini Gastric Bypass Can Help You Overcome Your Struggle with Obesity

The mini gastric bypass procedure is also known under another name: the Bilroth II procedure. It is a bariatric surgery that aims to make the gastric bypass an easier procedure to perform and recover from. It was developed in 1997 by Dr. Robert Rutledge.

Reasons to Choose Mini Gastric Bypass


The mini gastric bypass is a less invasive and thus safer approach to surgery than the full gastric bypass. We perform it in our top-notch surgical facility under the direction of highly trained staff.


Getting surgery might not be a vacation, but we aim to get as close to it as possible. Our concierge service takes care of you every step of the way, from transportation to food.


Mexican gastric bypass is highly effective, with most patients losing more than half their excess body fat in the first 12 months after their procedure. It is also known as one of the best surgeries for maintaining weight loss long term.


How Our Bariatric Surgery Can Improve Your Life

Transformative Weight Loss

Mini gastric bypass surgery reduces your stomach size by approximately 75%. Additionally, up to seven feet of your intestines are bypassed. By limiting how much you can eat and absorb, your body will take in fewer calories and see significant weight loss.

Shorter and Safer

While a mini gastric bypass can take about an hour, a full gastric bypass can take up to four hours. Mini gastric bypass surgery has a lower risk of complications than traditional gastric bypass surgery.

Better Health

Obesity-related problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and diabetes can be greatly minimized with weight loss surgery. Patients may even experience better sleep after bariatric surgery as they have decreased symptoms of sleep apnea.

More Active

Thanks to a quicker recovery time you'll be back on your feet sooner after a mini gastric bypass than with a traditional gastric bypass. Following your bariatric surgery, long-term weight loss can improve your self-image and encourage you to live a more active lifestyle.


Benefits of Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are interested in losing all those extra unwanted pounds, the mini gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is the fastest and most effective option. Our friendly, knowledgeable coordinators will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule your initial consultation. During this visit, he will provide you with a comprehensive exam, discuss your weight loss options, and review the benefits of the procedure so that you can reach your ideal weight.


Succesful Surgery


Frequently Asked Question

The surgery itself takes less than a few hours. However, patients are asked to stay in the hospital for at least an additional night. This way, we can keep an eye on the patient in case of any sort of complications or issues that may arise.